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A call for more male feminists

Or, anti-sexist male activists. It’s pretty much all the same. Jackson Katz, who is one of the leading male anti-sexist activists, spoke to the New England Patriots and the U.S. Marine Corps that men can’t sit around and do nothing about sexism and violence against women in our society. He calls for men to “stand up to a culture that allows the physical and psychological subjection of women.” Well, I would say that I have to agree!

“We need more men with the guts to break out [of] complicit silence,” Katz said.

Too often, Katz said, men allow themselves to disregard the issue because they are “good guys” who don’t beat their girlfriends or assault women.

In a culture rife with sexism and gender-based violence, refraining from hitting or raping a woman may not be enough to make a man a “good guy,” he said. “We need to raise the bar a little.”

I am really all for male feminists. It’s true that more men need to step up and realize that men are the problem and they should be active in influencing boys and young men that sexism, violence against women and any other “women’s issue” (of course, not just an societal issue, always gotta slap that women’s in there!) is not acceptable in society and women shouldn’t be the only ones to fight for this cause.

I sincerely hope that men take up this notion, because it’s really for the importance of one half of society.

  1. November 8, 2007 at 5:58 pm

    I TOTALLY AGREE, becuse we make up the other half of man-kind. Men so need us more than they think

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