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Young women are fed up!

I’m not surprised that we’re starting to hear from grumblings from real young women about the media’s portrayal of themselves.

Teens and young women across the country told Media Action that tall, thin blondes seem to set the only standards for beauty, while bad behaviour and rampant sexuality grabs the most attention for female celebrities.

Their responses “ranged from disappointment and even annoyance and disgust, to feeling pressured to conform,” notes the report, which coincides with National Media Education Week.

This is honestly refreshing to hear! I think we’re so used to the whole “young women buying into this shit and they have eating disorders, etc.” I mean, not that any of that isn’t very, very real, but seriously, it is just refreshing to know that there are intellegent young women out there who actually care about this enough to voice their opinions against it. You go girls!

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