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November 30, 2007 1 comment

1000 visits have officially happened on my blog! I know, I know, it’s not a huge deal, but hey, I’m just impressed that I could do something that people actually see!

Thank you to all who have visited!

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Zimbabwe women are forced to give sexual favours to survive

November 30, 2007 1 comment

Because of the economic state in Zimbabwe, women are having to give sexual favours to men to be able to support their families.

Miriam Madziwa writes that each time the Zimbabwe dollar tumbles, women’s survival chances take a corresponding knock, as it means more sexual favours to seal deals with men, who by virtue of their jobs or connections are able to make or break women’s survival attempts.

For the cash-strapped women, sex offers an easy and cheap, albeit risky, means of supporting their families. In return, they are able to secure scarce goods as well as discounts on transport and accommodation and their businesses flourish.

So sad.

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Pregnant women are in danger of radiation

November 27, 2007 1 comment

Twice as much as they were a decade ago. This of course leads to health risks.

Although the total amount of radiation exposure to pregnant women is still relatively low, the doubling effect in just a decade is the latest indicator that medical scans are exposing patients to record amounts of ionizing radiation, a type of radiation that can alter cells and lead to health risks, including cancer.

Of course, as the article states, there are times when it’s better for pregnant women to get the scans to help their health, but the general population of pregnant women shouldn’t need these scans.

This is why I’ve always been a fan of the midwife. And if I have any children, I plan on having a midwife. Much less medicine and machines. Hospitals look at pregnant women as having a disability. I read an interesting article awhile ago that talked about how hospitals either looked at pregnant women as a machine or disable. Or both. I think that definitely true. All this talk of scans and radiation irks me a little, and makes me realize even more that the hospital isn’t always the best route. For me, at least. I’m not here to make decisions for anyone else.

But to all pregnant women, ask your doctors about the alternatives to the scans!

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November 27, 2007 Leave a comment

Four elderly women were killed in a car accident after leaving church on Sunday.

The women died after a northbound minivan, a 1993 Mercury Villager, crossed the centre line and crashed into their 2003 Ford Focus.

Three of the women died at the scene of the crash and the fourth while on the way to hospital.

This news breaks my heart. I admit that I have a soft spot for the elderly, and thinking that they were killed after they left church just gets me. It’s even worse that the police say alcohol might have been involved in the accident, from the driver that crashed into them. Sad story of the day.

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Rape victim almost strangled to death

November 26, 2007 Leave a comment

I hate hearing about rape stories, but new ones seem to pop up everyday. This one is from New Zealand, where the 21-year-old student was almost strangled to death by the rapist with a black nylon rope.

He tried to make small talk with her, then attacked her, Detective Senior Sergeant Steve McGregor said today.

The victim was dragged into a car park off Rattray St, where she was raped and repeatedly beaten about her face and body for two hours, he told Radio New Zealand.

“What is very much a concern is during the course of the rape it would appear that he has tried to subdue her by strangling her with a length of black nylon rope.”

At the end of the rape the man mislaid the rope but continued to manually strangle her, Mr McGregor said.

The police think it’s “lucky” that they aren’t looking at a homicide. Well, no, I don’t think that they’re necessarily lucky. This young woman is still going to be traumatized for the rest of her life, most likely.

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Feminism and the stereotypes

November 26, 2007 3 comments

Courtney E. Martin, who speaks across country speaking about feminist issues, has written a nice little piece on the stereotypes of feminism and why there are those awful stereotypes. And she also brings up an interesting point of how everyone, no matter race, gender, age or religion, knows the “standard” stereotypes of feminists, and feminism.

I ask them “What are the stereotypes you’ve heard about feminists?” After a few timid moments, folks start shouting a flood of unsavory characteristics: ugly, bitchy, man-hating, boring, angry, bra-burning.

I believe that feminism has attracted so many unsavory stereotypes because of its profound power and potential. It has gained such a reputation, been so inaccurately demonized, because it promises to upset one of the foundations on which this world, its corporations, its families, and its religions are based—gender roles.

I think she has a really good point about the gender roles and that’s the huge reason why everyone is so afraid of feminism. They are so ingrained in our society, culture and our own minds that they can’t possibly be shaken. What people are forgetting though when they think that is that everyone is an individual. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again as an example. My mother is not the “nurturer”, stay-at-home-mom. She should actually be running the country, because she can. And personally, I like that my mother is not the “nurturer”, because we clash anyway. She’s done her thing, and my dad’s also had a career, but he is far more the “nurturer”, even though I never had any stay-at-home-parent. That was fine with me! I’m not scarred at all. Through this example, I just wanted to show that men and women are all different and it’s wrong to put them in a box because they either have a penis or vagina.

Do you all think that gender roles are breaking down a bit? Or are they still as strong as ever?

Lots of news!

November 24, 2007 Leave a comment

A 16-year-old girl has been repeatedly raped and tortured while being held in a prison cell with at least 20 men.

A piece on the word bitch.

GLBT youth are looking for change and ready to act!

A mother in China was fined $2,698 when she had a child through IVF.

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