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Sarah Haskins on lessons for women in 2009

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Another great Target Women!

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Small rant about the Tiger Woods thing

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which I wouldn’t necessarily blame you for), you know about Tiger Woods and his million affairs (fine, at least 14) that he’s had over the past few years. But really, he’s just getting such gracious treatment from most media outlets and people. Sure, his popularity has taken a plunge and he’s lost some sponsors, but everytime I hear something about Tiger, it’s never nasty or callous. In fact, Rudy Guliani has just come out and said that Tiger needs to “hang in there” and that he’s a “very, very fine man” and that “we know he’s going to get through it.” Um, sorry, I didn’t realize that he was the one that was going through all the pain and suffering when he really should have understood the consequences of having affairs with at least 14 women!

I mean, that’s just one example. I know a lot of people have seen the SNL skit that portrayed Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordengren. I mean, the domestic violence thing just wasn’t funny at all – even if it was from Elin to Tiger, but what I noticed was that they made Tiger such a sympathetic character. While watching, you were supposed to feel sorry for Tiger because Elin was some crazy bitch who obviously made him have the affairs. It was bad and I was personally not impressed.

So here’s the kicker. Would a woman in the public eye be portrayed in this way in the media if she had 14 affairs on her husband? She absolutely would not! She would not be the sympathetic character, but her husband definitely would be. She would be called a whore, slut, ho and bitch. She might have to fight harder to keep her career, depending on what that was (because we all know that Tiger is going to walk back into golf and people will be soooooo happy). I mean, I just think it’s obvious that a woman would have a harder time. No would would give her the time of day and no one would be gracious to her, or allow her to graciously explain what happened. Yet, Tiger, with his at least 14 affairs, has been able to.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s all good stuff about him in the media, but it’s not nearly as bad as it necessarily should be. But, he’s a man. Since he’s a man, he has the freedom to do more wrongs and will be graciously forgiven. Women on the other hand…no chance in hell.

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Toyota Yaris commercial pulled in Australia

December 15, 2009 1 comment

This Toyota Yaris commercial has been pulled off the air in Australia, because of complaints about sexism and possible slight incest.

Yeah, it’s a little much. And kind of gross and verbally objectifying. Also, everything was being said as if he was going to do it to her, not necessarily with her. Glad it’s off the air!


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A White-Saviour movie: The Blind Side

December 2, 2009 1 comment

I really couldn’t resist putting that picture up instead of the movie poster…I think it just makes my point come across better!

So anyway, by now, if you watch any TV, you have probably seen the advertisements for The Blind Side. I rarely watch TV and I have seen it a million times over. At first, I thought it looked like this wonderful, heartwarming, based on a true story type movie. However, the more I saw the previews for it, the more worried I got about this movie. I haven’t seen this movie, so I can’t speak on everything…but it just kind of irks me the wrong way.

I definitely have racial issues with this movie. I know it’s based on a true story, but I don’t really care. The fact remains that someone thought that this particular story was compelling enough to re-tell. But why was it compelling to re-tell? I absolutely have no doubt that this reason has to do with the fact that a white family is “saving” an African-American teenage boy. People think that this kind of shit is great. They eat this up. Because, “Ohhhh…that poor Black child! We need to help them! They can’t do anything themselves! There’s no hope for them! Our white privilege and resources is the only thing that will help all the Black babies and youth in the world!”

Of course, some white people, like the family in The Blind Side, feel sorry for minorities when they really just seem down on their luck. But a lot of these white people feel like this to make themselves feel better. I do not want to get down on white people for realizing that minorities are oppressed in many ways, but in so many of these cases, white people victimize the minorities without even considering how that person feels. That in and of itself is oppression. And what happens in this movie, is that this family takes in this African-American teenager and he just becomes soooooo great. All because of this white family.

The other thing that worries me is how this movie is being promoted. Generally, from what I’ve heard, it’s all about how the white family take him in. And how the white family helps him accomplish these football dreams. It seems to be focusing on what this white family is doing more than anything. I haven’t heard about his choices, his capabilities, his initiative, his determination, etc. It’s all about these white saviours.

If you aren’t one to believe that this movie brings up racial issues in the White-Saviour department, I want to ask you this question. Would the film studios ever make a movie where another African-American family “saves” another African-American child or teenager? Think about it, and get back to me!

Also, just want to point you to a much more articulate discussion about this White-Saviourness at Black Youth Project. It’s an awesome read.

Violence against women has doubled on TV

November 30, 2009 1 comment

Apparently, violence against women has doubled on TV within the last 5 years. This is kind of worrisome, isn’t it? What may even be more worrying is that there is increasing violence against teenage girls. Hmm…I wonder what this says the people (especially men/teenage boys) that are watching? The article explains:

For years, media critics have described television as a cultural legitimizer. At some point, what is seen on television becomes normative. Studies consistently show that media consumers who view televised violence become desensitized to it. This trend is particularly evident for younger viewers.(emphasis mine)

However, no one seems to be concerned about this. TV Watch, a lobbying organization funded by big media corporations, isn’t taking any responsibility for this and says that these stories “provide cautionary lessons”. Suuuuure. Truthfully, some people might take it as a “cautionary lesson”, but you can’t rely on all people to view things that way. It is true that we become very desensitized to things we see on a regular basis. Even as a feminist, I catch myself missing a lot of sexist things, because I’ve been watching or hearing these things my whole life. To view these things as actual wrong actions, we need to learn de-socialize ourselves. But first, we must realize that we even need that de-socialization.

If this is something you are concerned about, please contact the major broadcasting corporations. Click here for ABC, CBS and NBC (the worst of them all!)

Masculinity in Disney films

November 30, 2009 1 comment

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, especially for the Americans that celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend!

We all know about Disney films and how awful they are in terms of sexism. However, most of the conversation I see about Disney films is about how this affects females (rightfully so), but there does need to be conversation about how Disney films affects little boys that watch them. This video below describes the pervasive strength, sexism, and dominance that encompasses most, if not all Disney films. Great little video!

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CBS blurs out Adam Lambert’s same-sex kiss

November 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Really, CBS? I can’t believe that I was glad you decided to put Lambert on The Early Show when GMA canceled his spot!

The ironic thing is, CBS aired the Britney/Madonna kiss with no censorship at all (and in fact, I never saw any censorship from that kiss ever). But Lambert’s same-sex kiss needs to be censored? Is it the fact that you know he’s actually gay? Is that the problem? Or do more people have an issue with two men kissing, as opposed to two women? Probably both things rings true – although no one will admit it.

After Elton has the whole story here.