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Women in developing countries carry the brunt of climate change

November 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Who ever said that environmentalism wasn’t a feminist issue? I know it’s something that I have kept on hearing…but it’s clearly incorrect!

A new report from the United Nations Population Fund has said that women in developing countries are the most vulnerable in these climate changing times.

The report acknowledges that women in these countries to most of the agricultural work, which is of course greatly affected by climate change. Also, it discusses how women are the ones who generally are the caregivers for their families in these countries, which means they have less of a chance to up and move, which threatens them when there are (pending or not) natural disasters. The report also talks about gender issues of family planning and reproductive healthcare. Too bad that those things are not overly available to all poor people in developing countries, and some may refuse these things even.

Ultimately, the UNFPA wants there to be more research and analysis done in this area, since there is so little attention to it at this time, even though it’s something that’s extremely important.

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UNIFEM. Women. Poverty.

October 28, 2007 Leave a comment

This is kind of a few weeks old, but I didn’t hear about it until now!

UNIFEM (the UNs women fund) is calling for a focus on women to end global poverty. They definitely make some good points…

The UNIFEM-Women’s Funding Network collaboration is in response to increasing evidence that women hold critical — yet often untapped — potential in helping to improve the economic prospects of communities and societies as a whole.

It makes sense that women can improve the economy, considering they are human beings and can work for a living, just like men. Yes, it is possible! And of course, a higher percentage of women are in poverty, compared to men.

For women, poverty means not only lack of income but lack of control over that income, as well as lack of autonomy, dignity, and leisure. Among the factors that place women at risk of poverty are their unequal access to resources and capabilities, such as education, skills, land and property, the discrimination they face in the labour market and their lack of political voice. In all countries, women do most of the unpaid household and care work — yet this work is not counted as contributing to national economies.

Seeing more equal opportunities in all countries will be a great thing. But I even feel oppression here in a first world country, Canada, and I don’t know if other countries will be able to give as many equal opportunities to women. Yes, I’m pessimistic. I can’t help it. To get there, we’re definitely going to have to work hard and kick some ass along the way.

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