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#ARealWife? Really?

November 13, 2009 3 comments

As I do my daily Twitter visit, I look at the trending topics to see what’s what. Well, one thing caught my eye, which was #ARealWife. I just knew this was going to be golden (insert sarcasm here) and disgustingly sexist, so I clicked on it to see some of the responses. Try to disregard the horrible spelling and grammar. Here we go:

#ARealWife Has a sore jaw after 5 days on her period…. LMAO + WORD

#arealwife will hide dope in her purse for u and prostitute to keep the cable on an food on the table

#ARealWife gives her husband head. Come on!Its 2009. If u not then some other hoe is so u might as well be yo husband slut. LOL

#ARealWife keeps it tight, keeps her figure right, keep her hair fixed, rocks the hottest outfits…

#arealwife is submissive to her husband.

#ARealWife should have dinner ready when #ARealHusband comes home from a long day at work

These are just some of the beauts I saw, but there are several hundred, possibly thousands more. So, let’s do a rundown. To be a real wife, you have to constantly give your husband head while you’re on your period, because you know he needs constant sexual satisfaction. And hey, if you’re not making ends meet, you better get out on the street and become a prostitute, but it might only be helping your husbands drug problem. Also, you need to look perfect. ALL THE TIME. No questions asks. Oh, and you should also be a good cook and make sure that dinner is on the table when your husband comes home, even if you have your own full-time job. Hell, that doesn’t matter, you must be submissive to your husband at all times and if he wants his damn dinner on the table when he comes home from work, it better be there! And my favourite, your husband may be getting head from someone else (or, sorry, some other “hoe”), but probably thinks that you need to be giving him head, because you might as well be your husband’s “slut”.

So, it pretty much addresses many stereotypes about women and how wives should be. Ridiculous. It’s stupid things like this that make this kind of dialogue so damn pervasive! Do people not see this? Even if some of them are “joking” about it, joking allows for this idea to continue getting entrenched in our minds.


These days…

December 6, 2007 Leave a comment

Isn’t is so true and sad?

Huge Breasts

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November 22, 2007 Leave a comment

The Feminist Majority Foundation, which “works for social and political and economic equality for women by using research and education to improve women’s lives,” have a website. And it’s been hacked. I wonder who thought it would be fun to shut down a feminist website for awhile? Well, the name is The_BeKiR – Secret-Agent – ReaLTurK. Hopefully the website won’t be down for too long!

This is just sad

November 15, 2007 1 comment

Are you a beautiful girl wanting a Sugar Daddy? Well look no further than Seeking Arrangement! This site is for Sugar Daddies, Mommies, and Sugar Babies, both male and female to come and find their ideal mate – either weathy or beautiful. Or both.

This just makes it sound…so…ok, I actually don’t have the words.

“Most online dating sites are full of men claiming to be millionaires in order to attract responses from beautiful girls,” says Jane, a long time Sugar Baby member. “When a certified Sugar Daddy contacts me, I know he is a real millionaire, and I am also assured that he will treat me with generosity and respect like a gentleman would.”

A certified Sugar Daddy??? You have got to be kidding me! This is just disappointing. Reinforcing societal norms of “the girl wants the wealthy man” and the “man wants the beautiful young woman.” Can’t we get a little more original?

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Online community becoming more unsafe?

October 28, 2007 Leave a comment

Wow. I was completely shocked when I read this newstory.

A woman who was inquiring about a nanny job, through Craiglist, was found dead in her trunk late Friday.

The police think that a 19-year old “man” from Savage, Minnisota placed the ad. And they have him in custody. This is just…sick. Place a nanny ad and then kill the woman? Messed up. Plus, she couldn’t have known to have much caution, as she had already taken two nanny jobs through online ads.

Is the online community going to continue to get more unsafe? Is there going to be more surveillance? Will this be one big excuse to get government organizations watching our every move?