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Breaking News: The Catholic Church cares more about their homophobia than actual PEOPLE

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Oh wait, that’s not breaking new. Everyone already knew that! Sorry!

So, the Catholic Church has decided to partake in disgustingly hateful, ridiculous, discriminatory actions in D.C. My literal reaction was “Are you fucking kidding me?”

So, here’s the rundown.

1. The Catholic Church is threatening to shut down all of their social services in D.C., which serves about 68,000 if D.C. doesn’t change the proposed same-sex marriage bill.
2. The Catholic Church would not have to perform same-sex marriages, or even let couples have use of their buildings, but they would have to stop discriminating against gays and lesbians.
3. The Catholic Church says that they have issues with being “secular”, but really, they actually don’t have to be.
4. The issue is ultimately that the Catholic Church uses public money for their social services; therefore, they should not be able to discriminate with public money!

I mean, they are pretty much making sure that everyone knows the kind of power they have and how exactly they are willing to use it. They don’t want to use their power for good, they want to use it to make sure that homophobia remains pervasive, while forgetting about people in need. They don’t actually care about providing services for people. What the hell? As a born-and-bred pastor’s kid, growing up in a Baptist church, this sickens me. This also reminds me why I hate being in the same category as these “Christians”.

Have they not even thought about the consequences of these actions? Also, have they not even thought about what this is doing to how people view the Catholic Church? It’s no wonder that more and more young people are skipping out of any religious affiliation. It’s because of this hateful shit that’s going on!

Luckily, the D.C. City Council isn’t concerned too much about this threat. One even calls it “somewhat childish”. Another description I like is from Peter Rosenstein, from Campaign for All D.C. Families, is that the Catholic Church is trying to “blackmail the city.”

This issue doesn’t just bring up the issue of heterosexism, but it brings up power structures, economical issues, political issues and the very tangible employment of people who actually run these services. This is all of course for another post, but something to keep on your mind. Ultimately, we are reminded once again how hateful a powerful group (or at least a few high up individuals) can be. We can’t just sit back and let this stuff happen. If you’re from D.C., or just want to make your voice heard in this matter, contact the City Council and show your support for the same-sex marriage bill!



November 27, 2007 Leave a comment

Four elderly women were killed in a car accident after leaving church on Sunday.

The women died after a northbound minivan, a 1993 Mercury Villager, crossed the centre line and crashed into their 2003 Ford Focus.

Three of the women died at the scene of the crash and the fourth while on the way to hospital.

This news breaks my heart. I admit that I have a soft spot for the elderly, and thinking that they were killed after they left church just gets me. It’s even worse that the police say alcohol might have been involved in the accident, from the driver that crashed into them. Sad story of the day.

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The church is “feminized”?

November 16, 2007 Leave a comment

Oh lucky me that I came across this! First, quote of the day:

Men today need to experience Christ in all of His masculinity and power, and they need to do so in a context that speaks their language in the company of other men.

Seriously? Anyone who has any knowledge of the gospels knows that Jesus Christ represents a much more feminine take on things. People could very well disagree with me. But personally, I’ve always looked at the Old Testament God being a more “masculine” manifest, while Christ in the New Testament is the more “feminine” manifest of God. But that could just be me. I simply get this interpretation from my own reading of the Bible.

Anyway, the article goes on to talk about how the church is “feminized” and pretty much how it’s the most horrible thing ever. Men need to take back the church! Ignore women’s needs! You know? Please, men have had the church ever since it’s conception and they continue to have it. Until all denominations and the Catholic church decides to ordain women, men have all the control. And even when women are allowed to be ordained, there will always be more men on the pulpit than women. I have no doubt about that.

Here’s a description of a “modern” church today (and this is something that’s negative, I guess):

Look at a typical Canadian church today: most volunteer roles are filled by women. The sanctuary is normally decorated in soft colours, with draped baptisteries and large floral arrangements. More than half of those seated in the sanctuary are female. A disproportionate number of married women attend church without their husbands. When it comes to worship, many of the newer choruses sound more like crossover love songs and often speak of being in someone’s eternal embrace. Most men find it difficult, if not impossible, to relate to these songs since it’s not how they normally think or speak.

I would just like to say that there are more women volunteers because those volunteer positions are undervalued and women in the church feel like they can’t do anything else. They only feel like they can teach Sunday School, do the nursery and be a part (but not the leader) of the worship team. As well, I personally haven’t seen this church that is described. I’m a pastor’s kid, and I have been to many, many churches in my life, and they are not “decorated in soft colours, with draped baptisteries and large floral arrangement.”

All just my opinion…but, I call bullshit.

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