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Clean & Clear ad pulled

A misleading Clean & Clear ad from the UK has been pulled, due to the fact that they used “light powder” for after shots of the women who are in the ad. Let’s look at a picture:

Um, yeah. There’s clearly some makeup enhancement going on there. Even if this woman’s skin did improve (which it very well might have), you can just tell when someone has makeup on, and she definitely does. But when this kind of thing is done, when the “after” shot is just sooooo perfect, it usually makes the rest of us women feel like shit.

But how am I not surprised? We should all know by now that the media is very deceptive and will do anything to make women feel bad about themselves so they’ll go out and buy every product under the sun. I know. I’ve been there and done that.

I’m glad this ad has been pulled, despite it only being one of many ads that probably should be pulled. However, it all has to start somewhere, right? Feel free to make your own judgment. Watch the ad below:

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