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Douchebag quote of the day!

This is taken from an article about the new possibility of the male birth control pill.

“It is time for men to have some control. I think it would empower men and deter some women out there from their nefarious plans,” says Brown. “Some women are out there to use men to get pregnant. This could deter women from doing this. An athlete or a singer is someone who could be a target and they could put a stop to that.”

Wow. Thanks for that Quentin Brown.

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Categories: contraception, men, ridiculous, sex
  1. December 26, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA oh yeah,that one gets the prize. just what men need: MORE CONTROL. over women. how about this: keep your dick in your pants, if you dont trust the woman (dont KNOW the woman most times). women have to consider trust and safety issues all the time, particularly when engaging (or deciding not to engage) in casual sex. boo-effing-hoo if men have to do the same thing.

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