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Music Hit: Lykke Li

Truth be told, I discovered the wondrous Lykke Li months ago, but she deserves the spotlight! When I discovered her months ago, I realized I had found one of my favourite new artists. The first thing I noticed about Lykke Li was that she uses music in an extremely interesting way. The first song of hers that I had heard was Dance, Dance, Dance, which is pretty much all beat, and it wasn’t the music we’re used to in the traditional sense. It brought around these new, interesting sounds I hadn’t heard much of before.

Alright, I’ll end my tangent. Lykke Li. She’s an indie artist from Sweden, who just released her first album Youth Novels, in 2008. Her album made it to #3 in Sweden and to #8 on the US Heatseekers. As well, her song Possibility is on Twilight’s New Moon soundtrack. She’s definitely been making people take notice of her in the music scene.

Please take a listen to her. She is a breath of fresh air, with her music being compelling and peaking your senses a bit more! Check Lykke Li out at her website or MySpace!

Because I love her so much, I am posting two of her songs! Enjoy!

Dance, Dance, Dance

Acoustic version of I’m Good, I’m Gone featuring Robyn

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