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Music Hit: The Plastiscines

I’ve decided to start a new weekly post to showcase some awesome female musical talent. The music world is still quite a man’s world, and a lot of wicked female artists/bands don’t get showcased.

Image via Sugarscape

The Plastiscines are an all female rock group (although, on their Myspace, they describe themselves as “disco house/thrash/glam – which makes them even rock more) from Paris. They do most of their songs in English though, but their French stuff is equally as enjoyable. Then again, I’ve always had a thing for all French music.

I admit that I was watching the last half of Gossip Girl (my guilty pleasure, which is quickly transforming into a no pleasure thing), so I checked out some more of their stuff. My personal favourite song is “Bitch”. I don’t know what they were wanting to get across here…but I personally see it as an awesome song to reclaim the word “bitch” itself.

As far as being an all female band, they say, “Being girls, we naturally get to hear things that, most probably, a guy band wouldn’t hear.” They have some other kick-ass statements as well:

The second album was a real challenge, we wanted it to be great, to show people we were not just a girl band with pretty faces. We wanted to show to the people who used to say we were just ‘dolls’ that we were actually a fucking rock band writing good songs and rockin’ out ah ah!

In the end, this all female rock band is strong, fierce and ass kicking. I put this music on, and I feel freaking awesome.

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