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PETA has done it again

Ugh. Since I’m a vegetarian, I’m cool with animal rights. I do think they should be treated in humane ways and I wish people wouldn’t eat them sooo much (however, I respect everyone’s choices and as long as you’re cool with me being a veggie, I’m cool with you eating meat – it doesn’t really matter to me), but PETA sucks. PETA is of course supposed to encourage all to treat animals right and become vegetarians. However, they do it by compromising the female sex.

They have a new campaign, called “Breasts, Not Animal Tests“. I get it. Getting your breasts tested for cancer, and doing self-examinations are very important, but it’s the way that PETA goes about it that sucks. They have set up a game where cards flips to either animals or two oranges/whatever looks similar to two breasts, or a torso with Barbie-like proportions in a bikini top. They are very large breasts, by the way. And the point of this game is that you have to click on as many breasts as you can, and avoid all the animals and other breast look-a-likes. Of course you gain points and then you can enter your score in their high score keeper. How fun! Right?

This kind of thing just reminds us all about how sexist PETA is. They’re probably thinking that they are trying to spread the good word about getting breast exams and whatnot, but they just have to always demean and diminish women in all their efforts.

So, if you aren’t anti-PETA yet, please consider it now! It’s never to late!

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