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Video on why we love Roe vs. Wade!

This is an awesome video on why so many people (women and men alike!) loooove Roe vs. Wade and support choice.

  1. Jessica Kate
    May 3, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    Gloria Steinem spoke recently at a the Baltimore School of Law (I think that’s basically what its called) and stated she thought Roe v Wade would soon be overturned. I don’t think she was necessarily being negative (more of an realist considering the make up of our current supreme court) as much as she was hopeful. I never realized before that the language of Roe v Wade does not exactly take into account instances of rape, incest, and the over all health of the mother. Basically she was hopeful that if it were to be overturned, we (feminists and other pro-choice policy makers) would be able to use it as an opportunity to basically amend it.

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