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My personal stance

Why is a woman’s choice so important to me? Because it acknowledges that she’s a human being.

When she is able to make reproductive choices, it acknowledges that she can and is able to make decisions on her own accord. She’s no one’s puppet. She’s in control of her own life, doing what she feels or knows is best. When that choice is taken away from her, it’s sending a message that women are not capable to make these decisions; that the middle-aged men in suits are better at knowing a woman’s body than a woman knowing her own.

When the choice is taken away, it shows that women really are second-class citizens, because a fetus is all of a sudden more important than her grown, developed human citizenry. Her life should be more important.

Some of you may agree with me strongly, and some of your might strongly agree with me. Leave your own thoughts behind about why (or why not) a woman’s choice is so important to you.

  1. Hannes Minkema
    January 27, 2008 at 3:34 am

    Of course, the same argument would be valid to explain why people should be allowed to cut off both ears, to extract their eye-balls, or to take their own life. Agree?

    I hope not.

    Really, I am pro-choice, and been so all my life. But the argument that women, or people in general, have an unlimited right to do with their body whatever they like, is too strong. There is a limit to what people should be allowed to do with their body. (Actually, this is an argument for abortion in safe circumstances with adequate medical assistance.)

    Besides, our pro-life opponents claim that a pregnant woman does not only decide about *her own* body but the body of a child (or ‘child’) inside her. That point is not ridiculous. It is hard to tell until which moment the baby is *nothing but* part of the female body and from which moment it should be considered to have a body and life of its own, and has rights of its own.

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