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The sex slave industry in Britain

Apparently there are human trafficking problems happening in Britain, and some political leaders are wanting it to stop before Britain becomes “the sex slave capital of Europe.” There is a new legislation being put forth that will make it illegal for a man to pay for sex.

Public prostitution and “kerb crawling” is already illegal in Britain, but this would go further.

The idea is to extend successful action against kerb crawlers to brothels and massage parlours where the majority of trafficked sex slaves in Britain are forced to operate.

It’s essentially hoping to stop the trafficking obviously, but it’s also hoping that men learn to take responsibility for feeding into the sex slave industry by visiting places like massage parlours and brothels.

I think it definitely has a good intention and should be commended…but after reading the comment section, it looks like people (mostly men) disagree with this. What do you all think? Bad idea? Good idea? Not looking at the real issues?

  1. ken
    December 31, 2007 at 12:38 pm

    I hope thier statistics are better than the US State Dept’s. They cooked up estimates of 50000 victims per year in 2000 when the sensationalized this through Congress. Recently, the Washington post reported they have found only 1100 in all 8 years. That is 0.2% of the total. And most of these were simple prostitution cases.

    I think we have seen enough policy by hysterics. Its time to stop conflating terminology and spreading false statistics an start rationally dealing with the issue. The fact is that Nevada has legal prostitution….and no trafficking or abuse cases. Its time for facts to make policy instead of estimates and hysterics.

    Driving prostitution down will only deepen the abuses. The people who advocate abolition do not care about the women. Mostly they are motivated by religion or thier own selfish personal interests or hang ups. Harriet Harmon is advocating a law that makes it illgal to purchase sex but not illegal to sell it. Clearly a gender biased law against men. Hatred and injustice does not make good policy. Martin Luther King said “injusctice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

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