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Reminder: There are some religious pro-choicers out there!

A new article, by Rev. Jim Luallen, is up on RH Reality Check. He’s a member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and explains that it’s kind of “the Christian thing to do” to let women have a choice with their reproductive health.

Because of the wide range of religious beliefs on this sensitive issue in American society, I am among the millions of people of faith in this nation who believe reproductive decisions must remain with the pregnant woman, to be made in keeping with her religious principles. For me, this is clearly “what Jesus would do,” because, ultimately, she alone is to be held responsible by God our Creator – not the rest of us.

He makes a good point. For those who are religious, it makes sense that one would be held accountable to God. Not anyone else, and no one else should be making decisions for other people. And obviously, as he states, there are so many religious beliefs (and non-religious beliefs) that a government can’t simply say “no abortions” because of Christian principle. I realize America is still very much a “Christian” nation, even though I only find it to be a Christian nation when it comes to oppressing women, but America has been touted the “land of opportunity,” not “come here and we’ll convert you.”

But, most of all, she has an inalienable human right – bestowed by God – to self-determine her reproduction. The Bible tells me so. This is why I do not refer to “choice.” Instead, we are discussing an issue of an essential freedom – to have control over one’s own body and whether or not to give birth. This freedom is as intrinsic, as inalienable to a woman as her free will bestowed by our Creator God. No earthly authority can ever justifiably deny her this freedom without violating God’s Will – just as much as if we enslaved or imprisoned her.

I love hearing a minister say that the Bible says it’s her choice! It really is just a breath of fresh air, even if you don’t agree with it. As a pastor’s kid and a person whose gone to church her whole life, I agree with what he’s saying about essential freedom. There is very much the idea that God gave people free will in the Protestant Christian religion. That’s why I’ve always had such a hard time seeing why abortion rights would be taken away, considering it’s Christians who are lobbying for this.

Sometimes…I just don’t understand people.

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