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Lots of news!

Women get less ICU attention in hospitals, even if their illness warrents it.

A Muslim’s women’s skirt is too long for her to be working as a security guard at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

Gender stereotypes are still hindering women in Central Asia.

A Saudi Arabian court ups the punishment for gang-rapists, as well as the gang-rape victim.

So…binge drinking is OK during pregnancy?

Man pleads guilty for two accounts of sexual assault.

UN is urging an end to all forms of sexual violence.

A mother shopped her 7-year-old daughter for sex three times. The mother and two of the “buyers” have been arrested and charged.

Great article about feminism, masculinity and male domination.

Feminism isn’t dead! An article in opposition to Lindyl Crabb’s article, which I’ve had my own opinion about as well.

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