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One man sexually abused nineteen girls

Nineteen girls are claiming that one Russian businessman sexually abused them in Cambodia last month. This is the largest number of children to claim that one person sexually abused them in Cambodian history.

Alexander Trofimov, 41, the chairman of Koh Puos Investment Group Ltd., was detained in the southern resort town of Sihanoukville and accused of raping at least six girls. He was charged Oct. 17 with debauchery — a Cambodian legal offense covering sexual abuse of children.

The victims are now between the ages of 11 and 18 but were younger at the time of the alleged abuse, said Samleang Seila, director of a Cambodian child advocacy group, Action Pour Les Enfants. At least two of the alleged victims were sold to the Russian by their parents, he said.

And why did this happen with a foreigner in Cambodia?

Poverty and weak law enforcement make Cambodia a preferred destination for foreigners seeking to prey on children.

This is really upsetting to hear. Knowing that 19 girls were most likely sexually abused by one man is something that is almost uncomprehensible. I’m hoping that justice will be served here.

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